Crerar Trust

Giving back to local communities to improve the quality of everyday lives is at the heart of Crerar Hotel Group and the trust is tasked with the gifting more than half of the company’s distributable profits annually to good causes that have links to where Crerar Hotels have hotels or interests. The trust has donated over £4 million in the past 10 years.

As the Crerar Trust is a charitable trust funded by the Crerar Hotel Group, Crerar Trust Chairman and Chief Executive of Crerar Hotel Group, Paddy Crerar, said it’s thanks to the hotel patrons, that these donations could be made to help so many community groups and charities.

“It’s our customers that are making the difference to everyday lives. Without their patronage we could give nothing back,” said Paddy.

The board of trustees welcome applications from charities and communities in and around where Crerar Hotels are located, if you would like more information on the application process or wish to request an application form, please email